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Submitting to SIC

If you would like to submit your anti-war humor & satire to Satirical-Industrial Complex or to Neocon Surveillance (or even some sober commentary!) then please email:


We are looking for fresh new writers and experience old hands alike, to write satire that will hold to account warmongers, snoopers and fellow travelers of the current liberal-interventionist/neocon consensus!

Here is some important advice to help you understand how we will manage your contributions!

Just a quick reminder first:

Satirical-Industrial Complex (SIC) is a site for satire and humor only: on the topics of war, peace and state surveillance.

Neocon Surveillance (NS) is a general critique site. However, as well as a selection of satire and humor, it can also include commentary and critique of a non-satirical nature, and various forms of creative writing that (again) need not be satirical or humorous (although they certainly can be, if desired!)

Here is some information on how we will handle submissions:

Copyright and Publication

You retain copyright over anything you submit, i.e. you are free to re-use and re-publish it however you want. You don't ever have to surrender your copyright to Satirical-Industrial Complex and the Peace Criminals.

However, by submitting, you give us the right to re-use your work on any of the Peace Criminals site, via original publication, plus cross-posting or linking, as relevant. You also give permission for your work to be promoted as the editorial team decides, e.g. by posting on the social media of any of the editors, or on any Peace Criminals-related social media account.


If the editorial team believes your work is good enough to appear in a Peace Criminals ebook, we will approach you first about this. Any royalties (where relevant) will accrue to the editorial team, as decided internally among the editors ourselves by consensus. However, your contributions will nevertheless be fully credited.

Email addresses

Please keep your email address information up to date. Please, as far as it is possible, try to avoid using more than one email address to correspond with us, as this can cause confusion.

Removing Articles

Generally speaking, we are reluctant to remove material once it is published, as frequent removals would be ethically problematic, and also risk harming the reputation of the site. However, if you would like to have any of your material removed, please email Wallace or Ike, and we can see what we can do.

If the request for removal is an urgent one (e.g. if you have experienced threats, harassment or intimidation), please put URGENT in the email header.

Again, we are reluctant to just arbitrarily pull articles as a matter of course, but we are also reluctant to be rigid about this general principle. So if in doubt, just email us anyway!


The Peace Criminals editorial team cannot offer any legal support to contributors in the unlikely event of civil or criminal charges being brought against any of our writers. This is not because we are stingy, but because that kind of support is only a realistic prospect, if at all, at big media outlets, such as wide-circulation broadsheets in the USA (for example). By submitting to SIC or to any Peace Criminals site, you assume full legal responsibility.

We would really love to help our readers out in the unlikely event of legal difficulties, but this is simply not possible for us right now. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.


The site is in English, but we can certainly entertain publishing satire in other languages. However, we need to be able to make sure we have the skills and resources to edit material in other languages properly. If you would either like to submit satire in another language, or translate our material into other languages, please let us know! (We can't offer any money for translation, but we are happy to let you post on our site!)

Partnership & Dialogue

If you are interested in swapping homepage links, or free promotion on SIC or the Peace Criminals Trilogy of your book, website, campaign, organization, or anything else, please do let us know!

Because of Google's rules on affiliate links, we have to be selective, and only agree to thematically relevant link swaps. Otherwise, we can get in trouble.

This is less of a problem for banner ads.

Contact Wallace if you are interested in either legitimate link swaps or banner ads.

Also, if you would like us to interview you about something relevant to the general concerns of our site, please do let us know as well.








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