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Monday, 5 December 2016

One Act Tumblr Play: A Brief History of Cosmopolitan Hypocrisy

Queen Victoria: The Ottoman Turks are backward chauvinists.

Woodrow Wilson: Queen Victoria was just an imperialist. I am a REAL universalist.

Lenin: Woodrow Wilson’s bourgeois internationalism was narrow, one-sided and thoroughly ideological. Scientific socialism is the REAL internationalism.

Hitler: Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer!

Ronald Reagan: I agree. Yes, backward Soviet Communism is a grotesque caricature of universalism. Only my International Community here in Washington are truly cosmopolitan in character.

Bill Clinton: America must play a more assertive role. Only a FAKE universalist and counterfeit cosmopolitan would stand idly by; no more isolationism from the Little Lindberghs!

Osama Bin Laden: United the world under the Truth. Only then can all Humanity be free as slaves of Allah!

George W. Bush: Jihadist terror offers no panacea to the divisions in our world today. WE ARE THE REAL UNITERS OF THIS GLOBE!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: My International Community is bigger than your International Community. Suck it!

Barack Obama: Neoconservatism is thoroughly discredited. For many an age, people have tried to reunite the warring fragments of our world. This, they have been unable to do. But I will find the true kernel of cosmopolitan harmony and the brotherhood of man.

Hillary Clinton: …. Now, please you would you just stop listening to all these idiots. They are really just fakers, these guys, one and all; but I am different. I am the one who REALLY knows how to unite the world, and who REALLY has the motivation to achieve it! Now, I know all these people in the past have let you down. But I swear to you all, this time it’ll be very different!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Humorous Tony Blair 'Recording!' How Will He Defend Himself?

The Holy Liberal Interventionist Prophet Tony Blair, MIC-Dollars-Be-Upon-Him, has recently asked me to prepare his trial defense.

So here you go...

Tony will DEFINITELY be OK in the event of a criminal prosecution.

So, say it all together one more time...


Thursday, 1 December 2016

When Donald Met Nigel

<UPDATE: Meme added 1.12.16@15:50>

When you hear about a meeting between Donald and Nigel you’d stereotypically picture two ageing, dogmatic men. What happens is far worse than a stereotype.

D- “Hey British guy, why don’t you start by telling me about your crooked plan to get rid of Theresa May… not be very good for Britain. Ha. They can’t imagine it! Sad.”

N- “Well, it’s quite genius really. First you show some turbulence between the USA and Britain. This will create worry and confusion because of Brexit…”

D- “I love Brexit. Awesome! They tell me about Brexit. I know Brexit. Nobody does Brexit better than the Donald.”

N- “The British people will worry about trade deals and will blame literally anyone: the postman, asylum seekers even crooked Hillary!”

Ike Helps Us Out

Appleseed Ike hasn't dropped off the face of the earth... Watch out for some great new material from him very, VERY soon!


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Have You Forgotten my Old Wall Street Interview? Well, Hillary Hasn't Forgotten You!

As mentioned here, I am starting a NEW Youtube channel soon! (By the way, thanks to everyone who downloaded the free book. There will be more similar offers in future).

Here is some funny audio from my old Youtube account. Actually, my old Youtube account still exists, but only for playlists of other people's stuff, as also for commenting.

I know you're going to say this interview with Hillary about her ties to Wall Street is a bit 'antiquated' and 'outdated.' But to that I can only say...

Tony Blair Defamed by Naughty Syrian Leader

The infallible Fox/MSNBC broadcasting-apologetical complex has proved beyond all reasonable and even all rhetorical doubt, that President Assad is "an evil mass-murdering tyrant who is killing his own people."
But even if you had the immaculate cruelty and unbearable arrogance to doubt this, you'd maybe better read what he has to say about Our Tony.
Read and denounce:

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Song Parodies

I've published some song parodies before, including on war-related themes. Here are the only two I know of. Aren't there more? And what about other languages? If you know of any, leave a comment below!

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