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Friday, 12 August 2016

If You Don't Support Hillary, You're a Bigot!

I'm just totes non-figuratively sick of all these privileged bigots who are demeaning and denigrating Hillary!!! So I am here to educate you on why you MUST stop this. Here are the ignorant fools who need to check their privilege!!!

1. Iraqi orphans

Iraqi orphans have orphan privilege. Merely because they don't have parents, people feel sorry for them, and so they give their unreasonable and irrational opinions undue credence that they do not deserve It just doesn't get any more privileged than this!

2. Libyan mothers

Libyan mothers may well be women, but they aren't really proper women, are they? I mean, a lot of them don't support my right to choose, so clearly they are sellouts. Also, the prevalence of homophobia in their country, which they are COMPLETELY SILENT ABOUT, is disgraceful. They simply don't think about how they are complicit with evil. It just doesn't get any more privileged than this!

3. Syrian men

Uh... they are men! Well hey, buddy! A man is a man is a man is a male thing! Ohhh, they might as well be straight white guy Christian pastors from Texas, for all I care! It just doesn't get any more privileged than this!


 From the above, the logic is clear. Those who claim Clinton's opponents are 'sexist' are actually trivializing the consequences of her foreign policy. There is nothing privileged about opposing the violent tendencies in international relations that this 'Blue Neocon' or 'Hawkfem' represents. To say, or even to imply, that all criticisms of Clinton stem from 'privilege' is a serious error.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Improvements to the Site (CROSSPOST)

I like to think I have grown in my ability to produce a decent site. By now, I can even filter out anomalies such as white or pink 'shading' in articles.

I recently renovated Neocon Surveillance and the other two sites.

I can guarantee that I have tried hard to make sure there are no more anomalies re: background shading, font, font size, etc.

If there are any errors, I am happy to correct them as they are noted.

I have, however, made sure not to tamper with the actual texts.

I hope you continue to enjoy the even better site!


Monday, 11 July 2016

Satire Milestone: Thank You All!

Just around Chilcotfest (curiously enough!) we reached the 1000 hit mark!


But uncannier still, this was round a massive birthday 'milestone' for me.

... ?!

No, just shut up and quit asking questions, you nosy bugger!

The 4th Amendment doesn't cover that.

Or it wouldn't, if I were in the USA right now.

Anyway, enough of the Blairite-Dynamic flim-flam!

Just want to thank everyone, in the least New Labourly-Insincere manner possible, for your ongoing help and support!

I don't feel too old, when I know I can still do good things.

Brutal things.

Cruel things.

But 'good' enough, all the same!

Thanks so much for all the love and support!

Please remember to keep sharing articles, or helping the Peace Criminals Project by word of mouth.

As always, please do feel free to email,

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mr Archbishop Goes to Baghdad (SATIRE)

The Archbishop of Canterbury's recent pastoral letter on the Chilcot Report has urged people to stay away from the temptations of hatred and vengefulness. 'Be forgiving,' he admonishes his flock: 'For otherwise, your faults will not be forgiven either!'

However, a recent dream has thrown his views into question.

'Oh. It's you,' blushed the Archbishop. 'Looking busy, I see. I haven't spoken with you in a while. How are things?'

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Previous Blair Stories in the Satire Media

A Yuletide poem for Chilcot Season. With a macabre twist.. and a gruesome twister!

Blair vs Corbyn fluff war.

Blair Song Parodies

Just in time for Chilcot, I'm paying my dues to my best spiffing chum, Lord Tony of the bulging wallet, by liking to some grotesquely edgy song parodies I have released in the past; whether on Glossy News, or the two song parody sites AmIRight & WhatFreaks.

Some of the parodies are equally applicable to other warmongers too, such as Scameron Bacon (or is it Piers Scameron Gaviston?)

Chamberlain's Army

(Parody of 'Oliver's Army,' by Elvis Costello & the Attractions)

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Satire Update

Please remember that Rfreed's darkly humorous 9/11 alternate history novel, 9/12/01, is still being serialized on Neocon Surveillance! In fact, there's a pretty long way to go, as things stand!

Here's the book review:

And here's the link to all current and future instalments: